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Kitchen remodel experts at XO Design Flooring will personally work with you to achieve the dream kitchen you’ve always wanted. Whether it is cozy and relaxing, sleek and modern, or ergonomic and functional, we will customize a design plan to fit your style, budget, and schedule.

With a variety of choices in materials for your kitchen remodeling project, from countertops, flooring, cabinetry, etc. our experts will help you select the best products to fit your budget, as well as maintain a balance between overall function and aesthetics. We will oversee the project from start to finish, making sure that no small detail goes unnoticed.


It can be for reasons of convenience of necessity, but remodeling or installing a bathroom is a worthwhile project for any industrious homeowner. Perhaps you are looking to ease tensions in a high traffic home by adding a “half bath,” or maybe you want to transform your house standard bathroom into a private spa. Whatever the goal, you have many options. Bathroom flooring, toilets, shower fixtures, tubs, and sinks come in endless varieties, making it all the more important to find a good contractor to help usher you through the process and find the perfect combination.

X.O Design Flooring makes it, well, just that, EASY!!


We provide all our services to contractors and home builders,  building new houses, as well as remodels. With hundreds of models and styles to choose from, contractors and home builders always find what they are looking for and they dont have to be worry about the installations. We work with their teams and provide state of the art installation


From engineered and solid hardwood floor installation to carpet or laminate flooring installation and everything in between, you can rest assured that our experts will install your floor correctly, professionally and as quickly as possible. They’ll also mind their mess and clean everything up before the job is done. We also do Wood floor refinishing. It is a great way to revive the beauty of your old hardwood floor. Our comprehensive refinishing virtually eliminates excess dust and can usually be completed in 3-4 days with stain and finish.